Infinite Islands and Altitude of 10,000m

The artist shows two series of digitally manipulated photographs. One is Infinite Islands, which depicts an imaginary, paradise-like view of pools of water on an island in the middle of an ocean. A closer look at the image shows that the island is surrounded by craggy cliffs, making it seem as if access to it is very difficult. If you could get there however, this is an idyllic place where anyone would want to spend some time. The other set of works being shown is the Altitude series, which features images of an unmanned balloon and paraglider floating in the stratosphere at an altitude of 10,000 meters up, which in reality is a height that no balloon or human can possibly fly in. While neither series shows‘real’ scenes, they are vast, exhilarating images on a global scale. In these photographs Fukuda explores the beautiful global environment that surrounds us, and evokes our amazement at impossible scenery, while creating a unique perception of the elegance and smallness of humanity. His works reach to wards he sublimeand inspire us to think about our notions of time and space; and at the same time they tell us something about the wonder of art.

Fumio Nanjo Director, Mori Art Museum, Japan.