Ryuro Fukuda BIOGRAPHY

  1975      Born in Tokyo, Japan
  1994-1998   Tama Art University Fine-Arts course Oil-painting speciality
  1998-2000   TamaArt University Graduate school fine-arts course Oil-painting speciality
  2000-      Live and work in Berlin, Germany
  2001-2003   Berlin University of the Arts(UdK) Fine-Arts course,Prof.D.Appelt class
  2005-2006   Received a grant from the POLA Art Foundation and resided in Warsaw and Berlin

Solo Exhibition
  1999 “Bridge”             Gallery K .Ginza,Tokyo,Japan
  2002 “Grand Prix”         Exhibition room, Berlin University of the Arts, Germany
  2005 “Ironia Widzenia”       Mala Gallery ZPAF-CSW,Warsaw,Poland
  2008 “What Have We Found”   void+,Tokyo,Japan
  2012 “Beyond”            void+,Tokyo,Japan
  2013 “Solo”              Plaza Gallery,Tokyo,Japan
  2016 “The Only Village”      Ohira Furusato Art Museum,Miyagi,Japan

Group exhibition etc.
  2001  “Gruene Woche”      Artist house Pausin,Brandenburg,Germany
       “Rundgang”         Exhibition room,Berlin Art University of the Arts,Germany
  2002  “Wuendermaschine”    Museum for Photography,Braunschweig,Germany
       “Sir”             Project room Sub 11,Munich,Germany
  2003  “Nebeneinander”      Gallery Barakk,Berlin,Germany
  2005  received a grant from the POLA Art Foundation and resided in
       Centre for Contemporary Art Warsaw,Ujadowski Castle, Poland,and resided in Berlin, Germany
       “6days 6words”       Gallery,Fucyu Art Museum,Tokyo,Japan
  2006  “El126671859JP”      Gallery Murata and Friends,Berlin,Germany
  2007  “Out of Berlin…pass the picture”  Goehte-Institute,Berlin,Germany
  2008  “Singapore Biennale 2008”      City Hall,Singapore
  2009  “Dojima River Biennale 2009”     Dojima River Forum,Osaka,Japan
  2015  “The Vision of Contemporary Art 2015”  The Ueno Royal Museum,Tokyo,Japan